The Ampal Creative Reserve Cask and Hat Bundle

The Ampal Creative Reserve Cask

"Made like they used to" is more than just a saying for The Ampal Creative. It's how they try to make every product: with a focus on quality and hand picked materials. The Ampal Creative makes premium clothing and gear that take years of adventure and are built to last. Just like a fine barrel of Chicken Cock Boubon they develop character and age gracefully along the way, so it's only fitting that they've partnered with us, a brand dating back to when you could name your whiskey Chicken Cock.

Product info: 
100% Distilled, Bottled, Aged in Kentucky
Aged 8 years
Proof: 121.6
Alc/Vol: 60.8%

Q&A with Ampal creative

Can you explain in detail how you made your decision on the specific barrel pick?

It was a difficult decision.  The selection of barrels Master Distiller Gregg narrowed down to for us, left us with only the best to begin with.  For whatever combination of intangible reasons, this barrel reminded me of my grandma.  We spent a lot of time at her house as kids and she had her single, Wild Turkey rocks, in a monogrammed glass, at 4 pm daily.  I don't know why exactly but this one made me think of Grandma Estelle.

How is this collaboration a good fit?

It was an easy decision to work with Chicken Cock.  On a base level it can be distilled down to a dedication to quality over quantity, but the parallels run a lot deeper than that.  In this day of disposable, trend driven consumerism its rare to find another company that truly cares about their product and refuses to cut corners.  We hand pick all our materials and your master distiller hand picks all the barrels used to age the whiskey, its an intangible detail on paper but one that makes a huge difference in the final experience and enjoyment our customers get out of our products.

What do you think makes Chicken Cock whiskey unique or compelling compared to other whiskey brands?

Again the dedication to a quality product stands out.   I have a deep appreciation for the long history of Chicken Cock Whiskey and the stories along the way - like the Cotton Club connection.  I also love the vintage inspired bottles, especially the tin shot glass capped one used on the Ampal barrel selection release.

What message would you like to convey to whiskey enthusiasts and consumers about this release?

Choose quality over quantity & try to support US made goods.  This is a special bottle for special occasions, hope you can share it with your friends & loved ones.


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