Born in the heart of Bourbon county - before bourbon whiskey was "Bourbon"

In 1856, James A. Miller built a distillery and started making Chicken Cock Whiskey in Paris, Kentucky. After his death, Miller left the business to a trusted distillery clerk, George G. White, who made Chicken Cock into the legend it became.

19th CenturyThe Birth of Chicken Cock Whiskey


James A. Miller’s distilling roots.


Our original distillery is built.


Hardships strike.


First mention of the Chicken Cock Whiskey name.


Trademark infringement suit against Miller’s Gamecock in Boston.


Distillery fire does $30,000 in damages.

20th CenturyThe Next Chapter


Chicken Cock Whiskey is sold.


Chicken Cock produced during Prohibition.


Chicken Cock made as a blended whiskey.


Chicken Cock fades away.

21st CenturyThe Birth of the Brand


Crowing at the new dawn.


Gregg Snyder & Bardstown Bourbon Company.


A new home in Bardstown, KY.

Back and Better Than Ever.

In 2011, Chicken Cock's fortunes changed when spirits entrepreneur Matti Anttila discovered the brand in the Oscar Getz Museum while researching the early days of distillation in the U.S. With Chicken Cock simply being a faded memory of the past at that time, Anttila decided that the Famous Old Brand was worthy of a rebirth. Until the brand could produce its own distillate, Anttila sourced some of the best aged bourbon he could find that was worthy of the Chicken Cock label. Through vast historical research and the acquiring of the brand's relics throughout its history, this was the beginning of the revival of the award-winning brand's new lease on life.

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An Unmatched Process


The Chicken Cock Whiskey of today holds the same standards of quality and craftsmanship that was set forth originally by James A. Miller in 1856. From the curated selection of each white oak log that we harvest from the rolling hills and valleys of West Virginia that our barrels are made from, to our rigorous specifications on air drying, toasting, and charring levels, to the strategic placement of those barrels within the rickhouses, each bottle of Chicken Cock Whiskey holds inside of it both our long legacy and the fruits of our labor; delicious Kentucky whiskey.

“There’s a lot going on inside that barrel during the time period of maturation.”

Gregg Snyder

Master Distiller, Chicken Cock Whiskey

Celebrating 160+ Years

In 2017, the first proper Kentucky bourbon to be released under the Chicken Cock label in over 60 years was our 160th Anniversary release; an 8-year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon. A nod to the brand's historic past, it came bottled in a timeless Prohibition-era medicinal apothecary replica bottle; the same one we use for a variety of our expressions today. This release took home a gold medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, platinum medal at the consumer-judged 2017 SIP Awards, and scored 94 points at the 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge and cemented Chicken Cock Whiskey in its rightful place as the renowned whiskey brand it had once been.

Celebrating 160+ Years

Our Whiskey

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
750ml | 45% ABV | 90 Proof
Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
750ml | 45% ABV | 90 Proof
Small Batch
750ML | 50% ABV | 100 PROOF
Double Oak Kentucky Whiskey
750ml | 46% ABV | 92 Proof
Editor’s Choice Bundle
20 Year Old Cotton Club Rye
750ML | 50% ABV | 100 PROOF
Island Rooster
750ML | 47.5% ABV | 95 PROOF
750ML | 56% ABV | 112 PROOF
Red Stave
750ml | 51.2% ABV | 102.4 Proof
Kevin Kisner Double Oak
750ml | 61.45% ABV | 122.9 Proof
Garden & Gun Single Barrel Selection
750ML | 60% ABV | 120 PROOF
Field Ethos Reserve Cask
750ML | 60.2% ABV | 120.4 PROOF
15 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon
750ML | 51.5% ABV | 103 PROOF
5 Year Private Cask
750ML | 61.45% ABV | 122.9 PROOF
New Orleans Bourbon Festival Reserve Cask
750ML | 46.3% ABV | 92.6 PROOF
Ampal Creative Reserve Cask
750ml | 60.8% ABV | 121.6 Proof
Criquet Reserve Cask
750ml | 60.3% ABV | 120.6 Proof

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