Small Batch,
Big Flavor

Matured to the peak of perfection, Chicken Cock Whiskey's Small Batch Bourbon explores the nuanced flavors in our Kentucky Straight Bourbon by combining a truly small number of casks.

750ML | 50% ABV | 100 proof

from the days when you could name your whiskey Chicken Cock.

A legacy that dates back to 1856 in Paris, Kentucky – a town tucked away in the heart of Bourbon County.

Whiskey from the days when you could name your whiskey Chicken Cock

We've made a few mistakes in the past 160 years, but naming our whiskey Chicken Cock isn't one of them.

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Known as "The Famous Old Brand," Chicken Cock is one of the oldest American whiskey brands. Established in 1856 in Paris, Kentucky our whiskey has reclaimed its rightful place among the best heritage American whiskey. Today, Chicken Cock is proudly crowing again!


Award Winning

Double Platinum

American Spirits Council of Tasters Awards

Double Gold

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

94 Points

Ultimate Spirits Challenge


The South’s Best Spirits Competition

Gold Medal

Beverage Tasting Institute

95 Points

The Tasting Panel Magazine

92 Points

Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Gold Medal

International Review of Spirits

Good spirits never go out of style.

During the 1920's, whiskey was a staple of prohibition-era speakeasies like the Cotton Club in Harlem, NY; a time when Chicken Cock was smuggled across the Canadian border in tin cans, earning it the nickname of "the whiskey in a tin can". Unfortunately, in conjunction with quality standards going down, many old bourbon brands like Chicken Cock lost their former luster to consumers by the 1950's, causing the brand to fade out of existence until its revival in 2012.

Good spirits never go out of style

"Even as the brand changed hands, it held its appeal as a bourbon known far and wide for its premium flavor."


"The perfect present for the whiskey aficionado who prefers their drinks saturated in history."


"Chicken Cock Whiskey has returned, reclaiming its place among the great American whiskies."


"This whiskey is more than a gimmicky-sounding name. It’s an authentic throwback brand--"


While a neat pour suits our whiskey best, Chicken Cock makes these classics even bolder.

Old Fashioned
Classic Old Fashioned


Whiskey Sour




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